Not all gondola shelving is created equal. Nor does all gondola shelving complement each other. While gondola shelving is very popular, easy to assemble and highly efficient for retail shelving, there are pitfalls. If you don’t know them, you may end up with something that doesn’t actually work for you. Here are a few tips when selecting gondola shelving.
– One of the reasons gondola shelving is so popular is its capacity and its expandability. Gondola shelving by nature is a large shelving unit, and it can be expanded if you work within the same brand of shelving.
– There are many different brands of shelving, and they do not all necessarily work with each other. That’s why it makes sense to choose a brand and stick with it.
– Consider used gondola shelving, but be sure you are getting all the necessary parts: uprights or posts, base brackets, bottom brace, center brace, top cap, peg board/back panel, base deck, kick plate, shelves.

Gondola Shelving
Gondola shelving is easy to put together, with only a few basic tools. There are some excellent YouTube instructional sites, or if you work with a design team like MidAtlantic Store Fixtures provides, it can be assembled for you on site. All assembly requires attention to detail and forethought so that your shelving is perfect for current needs, but expandable as your business grows.
– Don’t expect to order and receive gondola shelving on the same day. To be sure our customers get exactly what they want, we pride ourselves on being detail-oriented and fastidious about all our gondola orders. We want it to be right for you, so we want to take the time to build it, carefully deliver it and set it up in your store.
– If scratches or dents in shelving bother you, opt for new gondola shelving that has never been used. It will be perfect right out of the package, and you’ll have exactly what you envisioned.