One of the best ways to display your merchandise is a showcase.  If you’re a start-up business with a small budget and aren’t sure of the best way to promote and display your products, consider a showcase.  The varieties of showcases are endless, and you can choose from many different materials and styles.   Here are a few advantages of going for the showcase:

  • Showcases provide an enclosed fixture for your valuable merchandise, as well as an attractive backdrop that can encourage sales. Even if the merchandise isn’t high end or expensive, a sleek showcase makes it seem so.
  • The selection of showcases styles is wide. You can find something that will complement your store’s décor and your taste in design.  Traditional, contemporary, sleek, simple – if you need to see samples, a store design team can show them to you.
  • You can choose the material for your showcase based on any number of factors – durability, functionality, appearance, ease of cleaning. Woods, laminates, glass or metals are the most popular materials, and many showcases are a combination of these.  There’s something for every style and budget.
  • Showcases can be coupled with sales counters, corner units and wall cases to make a coordinated look on your retail floor.


  • Showcases allow creativity in displaying product. Add some lighting either over a showcase or from under the shelving, and you create ambiance.  Add some fabric textures, and you create interest.  Add small signage and you create communication.
  • Be aware of the assembly of showcases. They can range from no assembly required to extremely complicated and take up to three business days to assemble.  Ask your design team what’s best for your needs.  Above all, if you don’t feel comfortable, get a professional to assemble or install the showcase.   All you’ll need to do is add the product.