If you’re lucky enough to be opening your retail doors for the first time, you’ve probably spent the last several months working very hard to make sure everything is just right. Open your doors with confidence in your merchandising displays and floor plan with these five tips:

  1. Invest in high-quality fixtures. We recommend getting the best that you can afford. Even if you are on a shoestring budget, consider buying high-quality gently used pieces that are in excellent condition, rather than cheaply made new fixtures. You can upgrade to new when your budget allows, not when something goes wrong with inexpensive fixtures and you have to replace them in an emergency. Be careful to check load bearing capacity on any used shelving to make sure the specifications are correct.

  2. Utilize all your space. Remember that you have more to work with than just the floor. You have wall space, counter-tops, below counter-tops and above you. Merchandise upward as well as outward. Look for ways to use grid wall and slat wall for extra inventory or eye-catching displays. Leave no space a “no merchandise” zone.

  3. Use grid wall and slat wall virtually anywhere. Free standing grid wall units allow you to merchandise away from walls in high traffic areas. Slat wall can turn any wall into a display. Add accessories like hooks and waterfall racks, and you’ve just created interest for an otherwise typical blank wall.

  4. Engage the guest with vignettes. The simple use of mannequins and half-mannequins not only lets you display the products so customers can see the intended proportions, it can also tell a story about intended uses for the products. These are ideal for showcasing items like jewelry, scarves, hats and sunglasses.

  5. Choose shelving wisely. Be cognizant of how your shelving will affect traffic flow, merchandise display and security. For example, your view of the entire store should not be blocked by tall shelving units. This creates opportunities for theft. Open shelving may be a better choice. In addition, if you want your products to be available to guests to touch and inspect, make it easy for them to do so. Use shorter shelves or stacking cubes so that merchandise is accessible.

Grand Opening

If you haven’t yet completed your floor plan or you want to explore ideas with some experts, the design team at MidAtlantic Store Fixtures is ready and waiting. The professionals there will share their expertise in floor planning and merchandising in any industry. They are available for consultation to help you open your doors with confidence and a plan that works! Call them for an appointment today!