Have you checked your shelving safety lately? Sure, your gondola shelving is used daily and is the mainstay of your in-store displays. You look at it every day. That’s exactly why you should be alert to safety issues. Most of them are easy to fix and even easier to prevent.

When assembling your shelving, you most likely had a plan for what it would hold. As time goes on and business picks up, the shelving needs change and something heavier may take up the shelving space or one side of it. Shelving can become unbalanced due to differing or uneven product weights. It can also come loose at the base if it’s moved around frequently or accidentally pushed by a customer. Even if you installed the gondola shelving yourself, double check your work. The shelving should be properly positioned on the base deck, with the base brackets firmly in place. These are pretty simple to assemble – just match the notches to the desired position. Only use shelving on a level, smooth floor. Even a thin rug can make it unwieldy.

Pay attention to details like the kick plate. It not only finishes the shelving aesthetically, it also is a safety feature. Without it, dust and debris would find its way under the shelves. In addition, the exposed edges of the base and brackets could catch people’s feet or pant legs and send them tumbling right into the shelves! Be sure to secure the kick plate on all sides. A half-secured plate is almost more hazardous than none at all.

Gondola Shevling
If someone else is going to be installing your gondola shelving, hold them to the highest standards, as well. Re-evaluate all of your store fixtures with the change of seasons, not only for retail value, but also for safety. Add on to your gondola shelving one unit at a time. Maximize your floor space by minimizing with smart, safe gondola shelving.