Whether you consider your retail site a specialty store or a so-called “general store,” there are certain shelving and display types that are identified with certain industries. That’s not to say you can’t cross industry lines and borrow ideas from other markets to freshen up your own. Browse through this list and you may find creative ways to merchandise some of those hard-to-show items, or you may have an “aha” moment and see something you didn’t know existed for your traditional sales market.

  • Apparel stores – The myriad of displays available for apparel stores makes it difficult to choose just one. There is no right or wrong answer, and you have unlimited creativity in putting together a pleasing, eye-catching and efficient display. Clothing racks come in straight bars, rounders, S-shaped, waterfall shaped and more. You will traditionally see one or all of these racks in department stores and boutiques. Shelving in any style – from cubes to open shelves, from tables to mannequins – is used to showcase clothing in a variety of ways.

  • Souvenir stores – You can recognize a souvenir shop by its displays. Whether at the beach or in the museum, souvenir shops show their wares on rotating wire racks, rotating shelves and tiered displays. They want to get the most out of their display real estate, so everything has four-sided visibility. Signage follows the same pattern – A-frame signs with messages on both sides use as much available real estate as possible

  • Grocery and SuperstoresGondola shelving is most often used to create grocery store aisles. It’s easy to organize, flexible and offers some design alternatives like end cap displays for featured products.

  • Salons – An image is created for customers in salons, so why not use displays to create the salon’s image? Glass or wood shelving with cubicles make products virtually sparkle, tabletop displays offer a classy, high-end impression. Grid wall or slat wall against a rich, luxurious colored background is eye-catching and practical. The display of nail polishes, hair care products and beauty products can be done on rotating columns or tiered shelving.


    • Display Counters


  • Convenience storesTiered candy displays, upright rotating columns and clipping displays are the mark of a convenience store. These displays are exactly that – convenient for both the customer and the employees. The displays make grab-and-go quick, and they are easily replenished. Short gondola shelving lowers theft.

    Find any new ideas? If you need creative ideas, MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has a team of professional merchandising consultants who can help you borrow ideas from other industries to spice up your own retail displays.