6 Creative Uses for Grid Wall

Yawn – not grid wall again?  Yes! Grid wall!  Some people don’t get excited about grid wall, but we don’t see why not.  The versatility and literal flexibility of the product leaves so much room for creativity – it’s what design was meant to be.  Not the creative type?  Let us show you a few [...]

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Love Your Bottom Line with Giftable Display Techniques

Celebrate the month of love by highlighting your giftable products and accessories. Whether you display hand-made beaded jewelry, leather wallets or inspirational plaques, your display of accessories can make the customer feel like a millionaire. Your giftable display techniques and showcases can make a difference in sales no matter what the budget. Here are five [...]

Getting Back On Your Feet

Last year we helped get a few stores back on their feet after a terrible flood that swept through the Ellicott City area. After the torrential rainfall most stores in Old Town Ellicott city were left damaged. Not to worry though, they were able to rebuild and re-supply their stores and have a great new [...]

Security Suggestions For Small Retailers

Discouraging as it may be, shoplifters are inevitable in retail stores.  In fact, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention says that over $35 million-worth of goods are stolen from retailers every day.   One in 11 people shoplift, but there is no specific profile for the average shoplifter.  They are both male and female, young [...]

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