Online vs. Brick and Mortar – Don’t Compete, Complete

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” is the saying when competition gets tough. We’ll add a new twist to that in today’s digital environment. This is for online retailing vs. brick and mortar or physical stores: “Don’t Compete, Complete!” Most retailers have online sales. It’s not because they are trying to put their physical [...]

Back to School Has A Whole New Meaning

Whether it’s primary, secondary or higher education, the school year is going to look quite different this year – the year of Co-VID 19. Elementary and high schools are back to school in many areas of the country, and new college freshman students are getting a taste of life away from home, yet in isolation. [...]

Five Tips for Using Retail Store Fixtures Outdoors While Awaiting Clearance

If your store or restaurant isn’t yet fully open for business due to CoVID-19 restrictions, or if you want to generate more traffic but have occupancy limitations, look outside your space. Think about hosting sidewalk sales, setting up tents in the parking lot or putting out tables for orders outside the front doors. Restaurants can [...]

Open Up at Your Convenience – Tips for Creating a More Open Environment in Convenience Stores

This article is the third in a Series of vertical market displays. If there’s one place the six-foot social distance rule is challenging, it’s the convenience store. So much merchandise is packed into a small space, and the small space accommodates only a small group of people. Convenience stores in most areas remained open during [...]