“Wood” You or “Wooden’t You? The Pros and Cons of Wooden Showcases

Wooden showcases have a special place in retail store plans. They are stately, sturdy and stable. Often, they are preferred for their elegant look, but rejected for their traditionality and price. Here are some of the things to look for when considering a wooden showcase. See what you “wood” do.  The Look:  Advantage - As [...]

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Five Top Trends for 2020: Retail Store Merchandising

As a supplier in the retail store fixture industry, we see trends coming and going. We see them on both sides of the supply chain, influencing what we buy from vendors and what we sell to customers. Some years it’s not clear what will be the biggest trends for customers. This year the vision is [...]

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Accessorize to Personalize – Go Wild with Gondola Accessories

Now that you have your gondola shelving chosen, the starter kit in hand, the shelves spaced properly and the base secured, double check the safety and the braces before you begin choosing your accessories. Brace yourself for braces in three places: bottom, center and top. Braces are important for tip-prevention and should not be overlooked. [...]

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Building Safety into Shelving

Have you checked your shelving safety lately? Sure, your gondola shelving is used daily and is the mainstay of your in-store displays. You look at it every day. That’s exactly why you should be alert to safety issues. Most of them are easy to fix and even easier to prevent. When assembling your shelving, you [...]

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