Showcase Your Merchandise in Cases that Show Well

One of the best ways to display your merchandise is a showcase.  If you’re a start-up business with a small budget and aren’t sure of the best way to promote and display your products, consider a showcase.  The varieties of showcases are endless, and you can choose from many different materials and styles.   Here are [...]

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Gondola Shelving – Sometimes a Choppy Ride

Not all gondola shelving is created equal. Nor does all gondola shelving complement each other. While gondola shelving is very popular, easy to assemble and highly efficient for retail shelving, there are pitfalls. If you don’t know them, you may end up with something that doesn’t actually work for you. Here are a few tips [...]

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Need Some Fresh Merchandising Ideas?  Gridwall to the Rescue!

If you’ve welcomed the New Year with the same tired fixtures and displays in your store, give your floor a fresh makeover using gridwall.  Not only does gridwall offer a cost-effective solution to the retail winter doldrums, it is also one of the most flexible store fixtures available and it can be quickly modified to [...]

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Ladies and GentleMan-nequins, Tell Us Your Story — Best Use of Mannequins in Seasonal Displays

What’s your plan for holiday displays this year? If you want to highlight your merchandise and get people’s attention, design a story! You can turn your window display or indoor display into a story by using the right store fixtures and accessories. Since stories usually involve people, mannequins are the characters you’ll want in your [...]

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In Disguise: Recognizing Would-be Shoplifters

If your business steps up in the fall months, so should your security. It’s an unfortunate reality that there are a lot of would-be shoplifters out there, just waiting for the right moment to be lost in a crowd so that your merchandise can get lost too. There is no “profile” of the person who [...]

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