Not Your Mother’s Clothes Rack – New Features of the Latest Racks

Remember when you and your brothers and sisters used to go to the local department store with your mom and play hide ‘n’ seek among the clothing racks? The rounders usually were crammed full of clothes so that the hangers barely moved, and the bodies of the shirts, sweaters or pants created a fort-like barrier [...]

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Seven Slatwall Secrets Every Store Owner Should Know

There’s never a right or wrong answer to store displays. Mostly done by trial and error, successful store displays make the product virtually “pop off” the rack or the wall and into customers’ hands. You can make your store look great, encourage interaction and create innovative displays if you know the secrets of slatwall. First, [...]

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Pack to Ship – Your Summertime Supplies Checklist

Summertime brings visitors and vacationers to your store, and sometimes these customers ask to have purchases shipped back home. Don’t lose valuable revenue because you don’t ship. Here are some essential items you should have stocked for shipping: Boxes (of various sizes) – Boxes are an indispensable component for many shipping orders. Chances are, your [...]

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