Retail Floor Safety Tips

What’s the number one safety hazard in retail stores? Hint: It’s the same hazard that plagues just about every warehouse, restaurant, and public building. Falls. People are prone to falling on wet floors, slippery floors, uneven floors, and smooth floors. Workers fall off ladders, trip downstairs, fall backward lifting heavy boxes and lose their balance [...]

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So You’re Opening a New Store…Five Top Merchandising Tips for the New Store Owner

If you’re lucky enough to be opening your retail doors for the first time, you’ve probably spent the last several months working very hard to make sure everything is just right. Open your doors with confidence in your merchandising displays and floor plan with these five tips: Invest in high-quality fixtures. We recommend getting the [...]

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Lighten Up for Summer: Relax Your Store’s Look

Just when you’re kicking back to relax is also a good time for your retail floor to feel a little more relaxed. Giving your place a feeling of summertime is not only welcoming to guests, it’s less stressful for you. Here are 10 ways you can lighten up your retail shop using fixtures and displays. [...]

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More Gondola for Your Money – 5 Characteristics of High-Quality Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is not only one of the best-selling retail fixtures in the industry, it is among the most flexible. You’ll see it in almost any convenience store, liquor store, department store or grocery store. It comes in all sizes. It’s sturdy. It’s organized. It’s cost effective – if you choose carefully. What makes a [...]

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Have Rack, Will Travel – Garment Racks for Every Occasion

If you’ve been to fashion shows, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading or ice skating competitions, or retail trade shows, you know the value of the traveling garment rack. It’s everywhere, and in some instances, you’ve only “made it” when you have enough wardrobe items to fill said rack. Or, if you have some extra rack space, you [...]

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