Back to Beaches – Best Fixtures for Boardwalk Retail

Ahh, the aroma of boardwalk fries and salty sea air is tingling your nostrils. The gulls are shrieking and diving for scraps, while the warm breeze blows in from the ocean. If you’re a seasonal business at the beach, you should already have your store customer-ready so you can sit down and enjoy the tourist [...]

From the Inside Out: Portable Display Fixtures That Will Make Outdoor Selling a Breeze

As the weather turns warmer and pandemic restrictions loosen, city and suburban sidewalks are getting more traffic. Instead of bringing the outside in this spring, try taking the inside out! Sidewalk sales are fun, easy ways to promote sales. Occupying a booth or table at a larger community event is also a great way to [...]

In-store POP Challenges Co-VID

Brick and mortar retailers have had to change the way they do business with the pandemic. According to Fortune magazine online, big chain retailers have seen as much as 50 percent drop in sales, while online shopping is up 31 percent. To attract customers to the prime products, retailers have to be innovative with displays [...]

Tariffs No Tea Party

The retailing industry is emerging from a difficult year. From total store shut-downs during the height of the pandemic to limited occupancy as the nation recovers, we know that most retailers took a serious -- and in some cases fatal -- hit. Additionally, customers turned to online retailing and created new buying habits that will [...]

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