As the weather turns warmer and pandemic restrictions loosen, city and suburban sidewalks are getting more traffic. Instead of bringing the outside in this spring, try taking the inside out! Sidewalk sales are fun, easy ways to promote sales. Occupying a booth or table at a larger community event is also a great way to encourage browsers to visit your store.

Sidewalk sales and outdoor venues require forward-planning, especially if you will be showing lots of different pieces of product. Moving from site to site can make it harder to keep track of inventory. It can also be a challenge to keep your merchandise looking professional with outdoor displays. If portable sales are part of your sales plan this spring, here are a few tips that will help make the events a breeze.

  • Use the alcove around your entry door to set up portable racks for clothing displays. These should be rolling racks on wheels that showcase sale items and can be pulled in and out of the store relatively easily. We call them salesman racks, because they are portable and flexible, and have four-inch, ball-bearing casters. The racks can be wheeled with clothes on them or they are collapsible for easy stowing and carrying. Racks that have adjustable height capabilities are best. If you don’t know what your space will be like, it helps to be able to choose the height of the rack. You may also want to “waterfall” a number of racks by having varying heights, creating a tiered effect. Don’t pack hanging items too tightly together on racks, because it’s difficult to see any item and the “clean” look of the rack is lost. These rolling racks will also come in handy for any vendor events in which you participate. If they can be rolled right up into the back of your truck or van for transport then rolled out at the event venue, even better!
  • Use a raised countertop or a portable sales counter for on-the-go sales. The countertops present a more professional image than a simple card table, and they afford more room. In addition, they help keep your earnings safe!
  • Show off your summer sundresses in style. Bring along a dress form or lightweight mannequin. It will let shoppers see the “look” of the merchandise and give you a back-up piece of inventory.
  • Keep jewelry safe yet easy to see in a tabletop jewelry display case. It locks and keeps your jewelry secure, but just like the elegant display cases in your store, its clear sides and top allow customers to browse the jewelry collection.
  • Slatwall panels make a great portable showcase. A triangular base with wheels or a pinwheel-shaped base on wheels both hold high-quality slatwall and accessories, making it easy for you to hang product on a display and look professional at the event.
  • Create your own outdoor display and send it to us to share at: