Whether it’s primary, secondary or higher education, the school year is going to look quite different this year – the year of Co-VID 19. Elementary and high schools are back to school in many areas of the country, and new college freshman students are getting a taste of life away from home, yet in isolation.

The back-to-school shopping was less than stellar this year, but remember the buying habits of older students: they wait to see what their peers are buying before they make a final decision. While it may not be as easy this year as in past years to see what the trends are, there will surely be trends – it’s just what looks good on video.

How can you make the most of back-to-school shopping at retail when back-to-school has a whole new meaning? Here are a few tips on efficient use of retail fixtures that may help:

Virtual Supplies – Even a virtual student needs pencils, pens, notebooks and binders. Have these items in easy-access aisles and well organized. Use slat wall with pegs and hooks to hang packages of pencils and pens, and stack spiral-bound, soft-cover notebooks on gondola shelving.  Hard-cover binders should be lined upright on gondola shelving.

Electronic Devices – Any type of watch, phone, or computer accessory is bound to be in high demand for students who are at least partly virtual. Make sure you are showcasing these items with attractive displays, like slat wall hooks in a cool pattern on the wall, or laminated shelves on a dark slat wall background that makes items look like they are floating.

Comfortable Clothing – Kids like comfort. Whether it’s comfort food or clothes, make it more fun to be at home for school. Show this season’s fleece sweat shirts, snuggly sweaters and all-purpose jogging pants on mannequins and on stacked rounders to make them look even more luxurious.

Jewelry and Accessories – Since most virtual classes will be from the shoulders up, students will want their jewelry to sparkle. Try displaying the bling on a satin-like fabric to make it really shine. Items like hats, hair accessories and scarves for both boys and girls can be easily stored in various sized bins or on hooks. A shelf display with a mannequin head can show “the look.”

Comfort Food – Use end cap displays on gondola shelving for highlighting specials on easy foods for kids to get themselves – whether it’s microwavable or chilled, parents will be looking for convenience. Make their shopping for it convenient too.