slatwall secretes

There’s never a right or wrong answer to store displays. Mostly done by trial and error, successful store displays make the product virtually “pop off” the rack or the wall and into customers’ hands. You can make your store look great, encourage interaction and create innovative displays if you know the secrets of slatwall. First, what’s the difference between slatwall and grid wall? Well, I’ll tell you: it’s appearance, size, maintenance and cost. The basic difference is that gridwall is open and can accommodate any number of products hanging from it. It’s portable, so it can be moved around the store easily. However, it’s hard to disguise gridwall and hide things behind it. Slatwall, on the other hand, blends into your décor and your wall, giving the illusion of a built-in display.

Slatwall is:

  1. Easy to work with – you can create levels in your displays, hang clothing or product right up against the wall, or give your display a 3-D look.

  2. Available in a number of colors – from neutral tans and grays to white, ivory and light blue. It can be chosen to complement your merchandise.

  3. Simple to clean – an every-day feather duster between the slats pulls any dust away, and if there are other marks on the wall, they can simply be wiped clean with a damp towel or soap and water.

  4. Attractive when used with shelving. It makes a sophisticated, clean backdrop for your products, and it offers a variety of shelving options. Shorter shelves can hold display shoes or purses, for example, and longer shelves can hold books or larger displays. Just keep in mind the weight distribution on the shelf.

  5. Versatile – slats allow use of hooks, shelves, baskets and more. Explore your options. Baskets are great for storage, while hooks are fine for hanging items

  6. Display-friendly – Slatwall comes in rotating, free-standing and flat wall configurations. Consider the best way to use it in the store.

  7. Cost-effective – while not as inexpensive as gridwall, slatwall has a long life if you choose carefully and use it wisely. If you need help with innovative ways to use slatwall, the professional design team at Mid Atlantic Store Fixtures can help. Give them a call today! 410.354.5454