Gondolas, shelving, open and closed display cases – these are the staples of the display industry and items for which Mid-Atlantic Store Fixtures is well-known. Whether new or gently used, we’ll guide you in the right direction for your budget and your objectives. We have displays in all shapes and sizes, and in a variety of popular colors, like cherry, white, black, maple and brown. Our customers keep coming back because they know the quality of our product is second to none.

In addition to the larger displays, we also offer slat wall and grid wall, which come not only with physical materials but with honest recommendations and creative ideas for enhancing your store displays. Any time you buy slat wall or grid wall, you will need accessories to complete the fixtures. Did you know that Mid-Atlantic Store Fixtures has all of those accessories? We carry slat wall hooks, grid wall hooks, waterfalls, brackets, shelving and acrylics. We can design a unique wall display for you or personalize a display case using paint and acrylics. You shouldn’t have to go elsewhere for accessories or customization. A one-stop shop for display merchandising materials is most time- and cost-effective for everyone.

You can find a full supply of mannequin needs – from head replacements to full body mannequins in male, female and child figures. Mid-Atlantic Store Fixtures also has half-body mannequins and dress forms. In addition, we won’t let you get your mannequin to your store site, only to realize it is unintentionally bald or can’t stand up! We’ll work with you to provide the right mannequin accessories like wigs or stands.

Other little-known merchandise you can find in our warehouse at any given time include security mirrors, shopping tote baskets and tote and basket racks. We’re getting updated merchandise in every day, so take a moment to call us and find out what might work for you! 800-380-7816.