Would you market differently to teens than you would to middle-aged women or millennial couples? Of course you would. They’re very different demographic groups with distinct likes and dislikes and observable habits that can be used for effective retail communication. Everything you put in your store display is part of your marketing effort. Consider your target audience and plan accordingly.

For example, if you’re selling to teens, don’t be afraid of vinyls, and bright, fluorescent colors. These are eye-catching and “cool” for this age group. Use angles, shapes and interesting textures that pique the curiosity of a teenager. Another choice for teens is an all-white theme with splashes of color. Use all white fixtures with laminated color blocks or some washable paint. Watch your customers’ eyes light up at the sight of a really hip and funky store front.

For older clientele, use more neutral colors and simple lines. Make the merchandise more accessible, and consider their ability to move within the store. Make sure aisles are wide and common items are at eye level or arm’s reach.

For millennials, start with a teen display as your basis. Add some technology, like a video wall with fast-moving, high-impact images, or a series of i-pads that are accessible to customers to experience your on-line catalog. Counter displays can be non-traditional POS systems or cases of products that are unusually displayed. Millennials not only understand technology, they crave it.

Communicating to your target audience in their language is bound to gain you customers.