Wooden showcases have a special place in retail store plans. They are stately, sturdy and stable. Often, they are preferred for their elegant look, but rejected for their traditionality and price. Here are some of the things to look for when considering a wooden showcase. See what you “wood” do. 

The Look: 

Advantage – As we said above, wooden showcases are stately. They look expensive. They add an upscale element to the store. Most jewelry stores have at least one wooden showcase for their high-end jewelry. 

Disadvantage – They are, indeed, expensive. But by making an investment in them, you will expect them to last a long time. They also conjure up the image of tradition, which can be the opposite of what many of todays young companies want. 

Advantage –Wood showcases don’t have to look traditional. New, colored woods are available, such as light blonde wood, blacks and a variety of browns. A sleek black or cherry showcase highlighted with custom shelving and glass makes an impact on the retail floor. 

Disadvantage – While no one says you can’t mix colors of wood, many retailers may be hesitant to do so and feel locked into their first choice of color. 

The Function: 

Advantage – Wooden showcases are sturdy. The material itself is the core, or trunk, of the showcase. Finished wood resists scratches, spills and stains. It doesn’t bend or dent like metal does. It can hold heavy weight. 

Disadvantage – Wood showcases are not portable. Because they are heavy, it is difficult to move them once they’ve been assembled on the store floor. 

The Maintenance: 

Advantage – Wood showcases need very little maintenance. Simply wipe the wood parts of your showcase with a wood cleaner or duster and the original shine reappears. A well-maintained wood showcase has more than one life – it can be stained or painted in the future for different design looks. 

Disadvantage – Wood must be kept dust-free for it to look its best. 

The Value: 

Advantage – Wood lasts a long time. If you invest in a wooden showcase, you will have made an investment in your future. Because of its ease of maintenance and all of its qualities, it will still be stunning in years to come. Additionally, wood is a natural resource, it is replenishable and easier to get than some metals and can be price competitive. 

Disadvantage – One can hardly argue the cost when you consider wood’s sustainability. Work with your showcase supplier to find solutions that are cost-effective for you.