Display cases come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be vertical, floor-to-ceiling, enclosed cases or horizontal, long counters.  They can be wall units or free-standing displays. Whether you realize it or not, the display case you choose can tell a lot about your business.  It reflects both your personality and the personality of the type of customer you hope to attract.  It also sets the tone on the retail store floor.

Display case in point:  A horizontal wall unit filled with trophies and plaques behind locked glass doors stands majestically at the back of your sporting goods store floor.  What message does it send?  The tall, locked unit tells customers you value achievement and reward efforts.  It also indicates that your trophies and plaques are valuable.

Display case in point:  A U-shaped glass case with sliding doors behind the case.  Message:  You’re an efficient multi-tasker who can handle several customers at once.  The U-shape lets you easily move throughout your inventory and get to customers quickly.  The sliding doors increase your speed, but they indicate that the merchandise is not overly expensive or valuable.   These cases are great for higher-end costume jewelry, low-end electronics or moderately priced gadgets.

Display case in point:  A spinning case that sits countertop with tiny locks and individual doors.  Message:  Merchandise is expensive and requires retailer assistance with locks and doors.  Watches, earrings, small electronics are most often displayed here.

No matter what the case, be sure it’s secured within the store, its merchandise is secured and the case is clean at all times.  Anything less screams “messy” or “disorganized,” and if it’s not secured, it surely says, “Steal me.”