If you haven’t had a chance to visit the MASF warehouse, you’re missing out on a wonderful resource of fixtures and storage solutions. While you can see samples of all available inventory in our showroom, you haven’t truly experienced storage and product selection until you’ve traveled the aisles of the warehouse that’s tucked neatly behind the MASF offices and showroom in Baltimore.

Step on to the loading dock, where you’ll find palettes of goods and our three 26-foot dry van delivery trucks. One of them will be loaded or unloaded every single day, ready for deliveries in the tri-state area. Hundreds of other delivery trucks from fixture manufacturers will be received throughout the week.

Begin your warehouse tour in the area specifically designed for gondolas of all types – shelf, base, post and feet. Each type has its own aisle. Next, wander the neatly organized rows of hardware boxes in all sizes and colors. The hardware is displayed throughout the showroom, but this aisle this is where the hardware meets the metal as it’s packed onto the trucks with corresponding fixtures.

Disassembled showcases await your perusal beyond the hardware aisle. Glass shelving, supports and cabinetry surround you on all sides. Around the corner, you discover the source of the loud buzzing noises. It’s the fabrication station. Table saws, metal saws, grinders and welding equipment are at work customizing heights and sizes for customers who have purchased fixtures.

Beyond the fabrication station is the warehouse racking and wire decking, followed by aisles of slat wall, with all four available colors on display. The MASF warehouse presents a mixture of new and used fixtures, all neatly arranged for easy packing and delivery. It’s a warehouse wonderland for a retail floor designer, where the only limit is your imagination.