This is the first in a series of blogs on specialty market retail displays. You can add to the traditional gondola shelving with a variety of colors and complementary fixtures that you can find at your source for retail fixtures – Mid Atlantic Store Fixtures. This month’s market: Liquor stores

Liquor stores all seem to be crammed with bottles upon bottles upon bottles in a variety of lush colors (greens, blues, caramels, browns, blacks, yellows, and more. They sport fancy labels or artistic fonts with names of alcoholic beverages that were clearly created for marketing purposes. While gondola shelving is probably the most efficient way to display all of these goods and store your inventory, a little change-up might make the endless rows of bottles look a little more tantalizing to the liquor store shopper.

Endcaps – These are usually reserved for the focal product on that gondola shelving. It can be beer, wine or spirits – it’s something that craves attention. Try mixing materials, like a metal gondola and wood shelving for the endcaps, or wire shelving on the end cap. A locked display cabinet with a plexiglass front is also a good place to start. Shelves can be sized differently in a tiered display, with room left to stack cases of the liquor next to the display.

Wine Racks – Wines beg to be “experienced,” not just placed on a shelf. Enhance the buying experience with wooden wine racks. Wood adds elegance to the retail floor and makes the display look more inviting. It’s also a better storage material for wines, especially reds that should be stored in the dark. Wine racks don’t just come in the traditional tic-tac-toe grid, they also come as a flat rack with spaces that cradle the bottles, angled counters for a tilted display, or cubby holes that each hold a single bottle of wine, lit with pin spotlights or dramatic backlights.

Freestanding displays – Depending on your floor space, you can try a display case with adjustable shelving. These can either be placed along a wall or a four-sided unit can go in the middle of the floor. Keep the interest level high by placing products with intriguing labels or dramatic colors on the display unit. You can also create an experience environment on a free-standing display, such as mini lounge chairs, beach towels and two Margarita glasses on a Tequila display.

For custom liquor store fixture recommendations, contact the design specialists at MASF.