One of the most common merchandising mistakes becomes painfully visible during the high season for jewelry. Shoppers are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts, and instead of experiencing the full breadth of a retailer’s line of jewelry, they see either a single piece or a crowded display of pieces on a single shelf, or on the “ground” floor of a quarter-vision case.

One of the most common jewelry showcases, the quarter-vision case is often used by retailers to display and store their jewelry inventory, but the concept is actually backwards. Jewelry packaging and cases are relatively small and don’t require much storage. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings themselves are what should be seen sparkling from beneath the glass. With a quarter-vision case, the storage is wasted and the display area is limited.

Jewelry retailers would be wise to consider half-vision or full-vision cases for jewelry. These cases present a wider variety of display options with shelving and lighting. The smart display highlights a single piece of jewelry or set of jewelry on each shelf. Half-vision and full-vision cases offer tiered shelves of varying widths, allowing for different sized accessories that can all be seen clearly by the customer, not hidden by a shelf or shelf-overhang. The shelves can be differentiated using LED lighting on the perimeter. Not only does this add interest to the display, it makes the already-sparkling jewelry look much more romantic and appealing. Half-vision and full-vision cases also provide ample storage for the square or rectangular boxes that will be wrapped in beautiful red or pink paper and given to your Valentine.