Whether you think they are a necessary evil or you look forward to mentoring them and getting some fresh ideas, summer employees can help increase your sales and give you an extra set of eager arms and legs.

Seasonal employees usually aren’t as invested in your business as full-timers, yet you can make them feel a part of it by being open to their ideas and demonstrating tried and true strategies. If they are students, they might be ready to learn and contribute. If they are adults seeking a part-time job, they may have some wisdom to share. Either way, challenge them to make the work experience in your store the best that it can be. Hire part-time employees who will enhance your store experience, not just clock in every day and take up space.

The well-trained employee is an asset. Of course, they must be briefed on safety standards and store procedures and protocol. You should communicate clear expectations. They should also know how the store floor plan design works to sell your merchandise. The best way to train them in displays and floor promotions is by having prototypes of the display – miniature retail floors with fixtures in place, or detailed maps showing the placement. The big retail chains provide these to their individual stores. There’s no reason a small business can’t emulate this strategy. Even if you have only one store floor, supplying a prototype formalizes your ideas and gives everyone clear direction. From grid wall to storage bins, the employees should know where items are located on the floor and why they are displayed in certain ways. Sometimes the display strategy is for theft prevention. Sometimes it promotes impulse buying.

Explain where display fixtures are stored and how to switch them out for seasonal shipments or additional inventory. If you have different floor plans for different seasons, make a prototype or design layout for each of them. Communicate your policies for keeping displays clean and neat. Be clear about each person’s role in display maintenance. Have confidence that if you show confidence in every employee, that they will reflect your standards on the retail floor.