If you rotate your retail displays based on the seasons, you already know the built-in calendar of summer, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas make the second half of the year a neatly packaged plan. Looking ahead, the first half of the New Year can also be categorized into seasons, although a little more loosely: Winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter, spring and summer. If you find yourself needing fresh displays for the upcoming months, or if you need to clear out seasonal displays, consider buying and selling with local retailers or display professionals.

The key word here is “local.” For the best deals on gently used fixtures, look locally. Not only can you see the condition of the display, but you can also minimize the shipping costs. By shopping locally, you can afford to make a better offer to the selling dealer for the fixtures. Conversely, if you’re trying to offload some of your own fixtures, you’ll get a better price if you sell them locally.

Gondola shelving, showcases and garment racks have the best resale values. These fixtures tend to be more user-friendly and sturdy, staying in better shape, even after repeated uses. MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has a variety of these used fixtures, and inventory changes with the change of seasons – ideal timing for your own store’s modifications. Fixtures like slat walls, accessory hooks, baskets and shelves are less likely to be in “like new” condition. They take a beating in retail stores and their initial construction is meant for a single location. The retail earning capacity on reselling these fixtures is quite low. The satisfaction rate on buying these fixtures in used condition is also low.

Be practical when buying seasonal fixtures. Plan ahead and choose items that may have use for multiple seasons.