Want to be the first one done with your project?  Should you take shortcuts to get your sales area in ship-shop shape?  Taking short cuts can often impact the quality of your display, so it’s a good idea to allot the time and put in the effort that building a good display case takes. If you really want a few time-saving tips, try these:

    • Read the instructions. This seems like a no-brainer, but the majority of people won’t even refer to the instructions until they are stumped about a part. Most people who think they are handy have a natural knack for building things, so they don’t think they need to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to assemble their display. After all, it’s a square box with some shelves and glass, right? Many a minute would be saved if only the handyman scanned the directions provided with the item.

    • Know the location. Put your display case together in its intended location, if possible. It won’t have to be moved after assembly, which usually takes more time because it requires more than one person. If you can’t be in the potential location, get some moving pads to put under the finished case to make it easy to slide into place.

    • Verify parts. If you’ve done item 1 above, you will have done this step. If you’re like most people, you trust that the manufacturer or seller of the display would certainly have provided all the parts. When you get to the last step in the assembly process, you can’t find that missing screw. Hmmm. Tick tock.

    • Get plugged in. Before you put the case together, check that all electrical circuits are working and that your location has a convenient power outlet. Nothing eats up time more than having to switch out cords or lights.

    • Stay open. Provided your case is not full of valuable items, leave the back off of the display case so you can easily reach in to grab something to show a customer.

    • Key in. If you are inventorying valuables, put together the part with the lock first – if there are issues, you can fix them before the entire case is built and has to stand empty while awaiting a new lock.

    • Approach the Pros. Ask your display case supplier to provide assembly and set-up. You’ll know it’s done right and it only takes one phone call.