We know that one of a retailer’s biggest concerns is theft. When designing the retail environment, the fixtures are important not only to the look and style of the space, but also to the potential for theft. A little common sense goes a long way. Here’s how. First, displays should not be taller than people. Five feet is the maximum height of shelving if you want to be able to see the customer. A visible customer is an accountable customer. If you are a grocery or party retailer where height is a necessity, strategic placement of security mirrors or cameras is essential. Mirrors should be placed before you install your fixtures, to ascertain you can see the customers. Be sure to place the cash register as close to the exit as possible, to avoid requiring customers to walk back through the merchandise selection after they’ve paid. The temptations are overwhelming for thieves.

High-ticket items should be displayed in locked cases that are strategically positioned in the store. If you have valuable items, invest in a good locked display case – the pricing of these fixtures varies by type of case or locking system. One word of advice: don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish, because the amount lost due to theft with a cheaper security case will offset the amount you would have paid for a good, locked case. These better cases come in all sizes and security levels, and your retail floor designer can help you identify one that’s right for you. The selection is huge, allowing you to have choices for the best security and functional cases for your space.