They may not fit in a suitcase or a carry-all bag, but if you’re doing trades shows, fashion shows or any type of mobile displays this spring, you need to have fixtures that are almost like a carry-all. They should be easily transportable and lightweight, as well as easy to pack and unpack. A rolling rack is always a good choice, and many of these fold down to a smaller, manageable size that can be wheeled or carried. When you set it up at the remote site, however, be sure all hinges are locked in place and the rack is sturdy. Try not to overload the rack – if it starts to bow in the middle, you can probably guess that the clothes are too heavy. Overloaded racks don’t sell clothes, either. They only provide a wrinkled mess and a frustrated customer or model.

Portable shelving is another good traveling fixture. Many of these fold, but if they don’t, they can also serve as carry-all containers for clothing while you’re on the move. The shelving can be elevated on a counter or table, or you can get long, tall shelves that can stand on the floor. Again, don’t overload the cubbies – you’ll wind up with wrinkled garments.

Mannequins are also portable – whether they are simply dress shapes or the full body mannequin, you can build a scene in your space by using both standing and seated figures. Dress them to suit your theme, and have them holding some key products. Position them in front of grid wall that you transport, and you’ll have a quick and attractive display area for both sales and inventory. The grid wall will add interest with items on hooks at varying heights.