Continuing with our series on creative store merchandising with fixtures, we’ve been thinking about the common gondola shelving.  First, this store floor staple can be very cost-effective beginning with how you purchase it.  Try investing in gently used gondola shelving.  MASF has 4,000 sections in stock, and we are regularly replenishing our used inventory as retailers move, change or close their stores. Used gondola shelving can be purchased for about 30 percent off of regular price and you can have it in your store within a week, depending on our delivery schedule.  New gondola shelving can be ordered, of course, but it will be 300 percent more expensive than used (not 30 percent more), and it takes four to six weeks to arrive. 

Gondola shelving provides many design options.  Let’s start with color.  Available in dark brown, black, almond, cream, white and gray, the palette provides something for everyone.  Use darker colors to contrast against brightly colored merchandise, and lighter colors to “open” the look of your store floor.  Mix and match colors to differentiate merchandise or create a feeling of motion on the floor.

We’ve seen some innovative positioning of gondola shelving, as well. One way to break out of the traditional box is to use it in zig-zag formations – one leaning upward, one leaning downward.  This not only provides some visual action, it gives you additional, interesting space in the “V” created between the leaning shelves.  These spaces can be filled with creative grid wall shapes, dump-ins or three-tiered tables.  The combination can be fun and edgy or subdued and stately.

Add lighting on the underside of the shelves to highlight merchandise on the shelves below.  This takes a little more effort to conceal the wiring, but by using LED lighting and stringing it through the peg board to a hidden electrical box, you can create a beautiful effect.  You’ll see why it’s worth the extra time when the products you’ve highlighted sparkle and reflect the light. 

Finally, try adding customized graphics on the pegboard behind the shelves.  These can be colorful or monochromatic, but will add personalization to your fixtures.  Ask us how we can help you with design and development of graphics!