Physical retailers – those who have brick and mortar stores — have had a challenging year, to say the least. It will be a miraculous turn-around if they are in the black by Black Friday. This shut-down reminded us how interconnected we all are on the supply chain. When you don’t have customers, we don’t have customers. If you give up, we are crippled. If you don’t have customers, you can’t support employees or buy product. It’s a losing situation for everyone involved.

At MASF, we have been blessed to remain open as an essential business, but we have felt your pain from the beginning of this pandemic. We are grateful to all of our customers who kept coming back and we applaud those who chose to be resilient. Here are some things that made us thankful we do business with such special people:

  • Customers changing up displays, using slatwall and gridwall in unique and creative ways
  • Retailers adding simple shelving or gondolas for extra supplies.
  • Those who downsized or closed turning in gently used fixtures so that others might benefit.
  • Thriving industries like liquor stores, convenience stores and grocers continuing to use their fixtures wisely and add when necessary.
  • We also applaud those who diversified to provide products outside their category.

We thank you for your patience with any shipping issues or product delays. We continue to offer our floor design services to those who need a refresh or a complete makeover to accommodate changes required by the current guidelines. Our professionals have many suggestions for maximizing social distancing in-store. We’ll continue with this as the “new normal,” as long as it keeps the business world on its feet.

This Thanksgiving, no matter where you spend it, we hope you, too, feel the blessings of the season and the warmth of those who are cheering for your success.