If you’re following the news on the imposition of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products, you might be wondering about the tariff’s impact on you.  At the general consumer level, it’s hard to tell just yet, but at the retail customer level – that is, the people who put together the retail store floor – and at the fixture level, the tariff hits just about everything we do – from our steel beams in the storage warehouse to the gondola shelving in the local store.

President Trump placed a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum, citing that imported metal is threatening national security by degrading the American industrial base. Domestic steel and aluminum manufacturers support the tariff because it helps their businesses. Industries like automotive are concerned because they import a significant amount of the steel and aluminum used in manufacturing.

Businesses like Mid Atlantic Store Fixtures, who sell goods made of aluminum and steel — like gondolas, metal shelving, grid wall, accessories and display cases — are feeling the impact. Our customers will see the results of the tariff reflected in their pricing. While it may seem like the price for goods are fluctuating like crazy, we’re learning that the stipulations of the tariff change every day, affecting different products every day. That’s why MASF has chosen to first absorb as much of the cost as we can, then partner with our customers across the board to distribute the remaining costs as a slight price increase. This way, we all share the burden, but we’re all playing on the same, level field. We ask your cooperation as the tariff takes shape.