Summer stock is on its way in, and your store needs a facelift. Open the windows and doors and let the warm breezes in – then lighten up your fixtures to give the retail space an open, lighter feeling. White shelving, glass cases and pastel or brightly colored bins all send the message of summer.
Many retail environments benefit from hanging key pieces either above eye level or at eye level. They can set the mood for shopping. Use grid wall or slat wall to provide hooks. If you’re showing clothing, hang a few breezy, gauzy pieces on hangers over the shelving or cases, and let them billow in the wind. These can be pieces you want to highlight or sale items you want to move quickly. If you’re showing costume jewelry, change to a white or light background, and leave “air space” around the jewelry – don’t cram it so close together that it seems crowded and intertwined. Shoes? Use elevated stands or cubicles to give varying heights.
Consider a custom mural or summertime scene on your showcase. At MidAtlantic Store Fixtures, we can turn your artwork into a removable decal that brightens up your store. Finally, set a scene that features a summer activity – from a group of teenaged mannequins surfing to a family of mannequins at the beach, your display can show both trendy clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as sporting goods, beach necessities and picnic items. Think about how your customer would use your products, then give them a visual with an in-store vignette! Surf’s up!