Growth is hot for vapor shops. The number of shops in the U.S. has quadrupled over the last year to more than 3,000, according to a recent article in the Baltimore Sun that quotes statistics from the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association. Conscious of their dual-role to customers – both sampling and selling e-cigarettes – shop owners are looking for specialty fixtures to display their wares and to make customers comfortable with the “tastings.” Dark-topped counters in cherry wood or black are popular for the sampling areas, coupled with matching slat wall fixtures to house the inventory. Many incorporate all-glass cases with aluminum frames and glass shelves with exposed brackets. This look offers both functionality and form. The e-cigarettes are easy to see, and the whole display looks modern and technologically advanced.

Cell phone stores outside the giant telecommunications carriers are also among the latest specialty shops that require specialty fixtures. Half-vision cases are ideal for this market, because they make the products easy to see and show, as well as keep the inventory right at the seller’s fingertips. As their name implies, these cases allow vision of the product above, with the inventory stored right underneath it. There’s no need for a salesperson to retreat to the back room for inventory, because the boxes are stacked in the same place as the product is showcased. The half-vision cases can be a contributing factor in theft reduction of small devices such as phones.

Whether your product is a specialty or you just want your store to look special – consult your local store fixture expert for suggestions on specialty fixtures. Cases, counters, shelving and gridwall, can all be specially designed for your needs.