From grid wall to velvet-lined glass cases, every retailer knows there is a wide range of ways to display products. While much of the way a product is displayed depends on floor layout and sales plan, the image of the product also comes into play. It’s product marketing at its most tangible level – the store floor.

The way products are displayed sends a message about their intrinsic value. Rolex watches are not displayed on metal shelves. Coach leather purses are not in grab bins. High-end products for the discerning shopper should be displayed carefully and tastefully. Sometimes gondola shelving and grid wall are not the best choices. One client, a luxury car brand, recently requested some specialty cases to showcase branded merchandise to the people who buy their cars. They planned an invitation-only event to bring in guests to preview the branded merchandise, giving the product the air of exclusivity. The client knew that first impressions would count, so they chose a custom-designed case that incorporated four LED spotlights and drop lighting inside the case. The piece was classically done and presented the sophisticated, rich look the client wanted associated with the brand.

Another client, a liquor store, needed to merchandise a high-end, expensive liquor. The retailer selected an octagonal case that would stop people in their tracks with its beauty and uniqueness. The case allowed for placement of odd-shaped liquor bottles on shelves and made it easy for buyers to see the bottles.

Both of these specialty cases carried price tags of $1,000 or more, but they allowed the retailer to position the merchandise as important, high-end and exclusive. Only you can evaluate whether or not the cost of the product justifies the price of the case, especially if the product manufacturer doesn’t provide any support for expensive display cases. MASF is now carrying fine line showcases that mimic the high-end displays mentioned above for about half the price. Available in white, maple, cherry, black and walnut, they are sleek and sophisticated looking, and are available at prices ranging from $440-$499, sans the drop lighting. At six feet tall, these fine line cases allow you to merchandise and sell high-end items effectively and apply the profit to your bottom line, instead of to the display cases.