Slatwall is one of the more popular store fixtures on the market.  This is because it offers the most value and the greatest flexibility of our store fixtures currently in stock.  Slatwall has the most value because store owners can create an 8’ X 8’ merchandising wall for under $100.  In addition to its value, slatwall offers a multitude of hardware to suit a variety of merchandising needs, making it our most versatile store fixture.  The problem with slatwall is IT’S BORING.  Aside from our selection of three different colors (white, maple, and cherry), slatwall does not offer store owners a unique design for a their VISUAL merchandising needs.

MidAtlantic Store fixtures recognizes this problem and we are working with a local graphic design agency to offer a service that will help your slatwall go from ordinary to extrodinary.  We accomplish this feat by customizing the slatwall to your store’s design.  For example, if your store is located in a beach community and it is themed appropriately, we will customize your slatwall to fit the design of your store.  You choose the graphic we adhere to the fixture, the material the graphic is made of, and the size of your graphic.  You can choose to cover the entire sheet of slatwall or create a landscape effect by centering the graphic on the slatwall, as seen in the image.  If you, like many business owners, are strapped for time, our design team will find the right graphic to suit your store’s visual merchandising needs.  Additionally, the slats are cut from the graphic so your slatwall retains all of its merchandising space.

Another advantage of this service is your slatwall can be any color you want it to be.  By adhere a high quality mat to the entire sheet of slatwall, we can transform it to a custom color that perfectly matches your design.

Give us a call and let us help you create an extraordinary visual experience for your customers.