For ease of use and problem-solving for innovative displays, try slat wall.  It’s the most flexible fixture, both literally and figuratively.   Custom displays can use it.  Any standard display wall can use it.  Slat wall can be cut to size and placed anywhere. 

Contrary to popular belief, slat wall is far from boring.  Sure, if you cover an entire wall with slat wall then hang the ho-hum displays from it, you might border on boring.  But if you use it wisely, it can become the focal point of your display or it can integrate seamlessly into your venue.

For example, for maximum flexibility, you can use a slat wall that is paintable.   Paint it any color you desire — contrasting or complementing your existing wall space.  If the monochromatic design is your preference, simply use the same paint used on the walls.  In addition, slat wall can help you make the most of your display space.  We recently worked with a pharmacy that wanted to update its look but had limited space.  There were two large marble pillars attached to what would be the ideal display wall.  Grid wall was not a solution because the metal may have scratched the marble.  Shelves were not a solution because they would have to be custom made and not cost-effective.  Slat wall was a great solution.  They took a 4 x 8-foot sheet of slat wall and cut it to exactly the size of the wall between the two pillars.  They’ve maximized their use of space, integrated the fixture into the store décor and made it a focal point for their merchandise. 

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