This year will see some bold moves in retail floor fixtures, including showcases that advance the design of value-conscious product storage. Metal-framed fixtures are adding a twist that makes them ideal for the discerning retailer, and even better for the high-end consumer. These new showcases feature aluminum frames with a dark walnut wood finish. The wood sets the tone for contemporary, high-end selling, complementing the darker wood selling floors. The cases capture the sophisticated image desired by retailers whose target audience is the affluent customer. Featuring glass on four sides instead of the traditional single pane of glass, the showcase offers a full view of products, making it easier for clients to browse merchandise. Cubby spaces on the rear side of the case offer convenient storage for cleaning items or additional inventory of smaller products.

Tower showcases will also be in vogue this year. Occupying a minimal footprint of 20 x 20” and standing six feet tall, towers are perfect for showcasing small, expensive items. Those with LED lighting make jewelry sparkle and give a luxurious feel to any textured backgrounds a designer may want to add.

When selecting showcases for your retail floor, if they are not already assembly-only, go the extra mile and have them professionally assembled. Not only will having them delivered and assembled right in your store save you the hassle of doing it, but it will also ensure the highest quality product with the best floor positioning. Professional delivery teams are trained to provide white-glove service so that you simply need to give direction, then fill up your new showcase!