Choosing a showcase that’s perfect for your retail location takes careful consideration. The two most important elements are style and color, with choices dependent on the type of business, the kinds of products being displayed and the available space – both for the showcase itself and for your product inventory.

First, let’s talk about style. A full-vision showcase gives you plenty of space to show your merchandise, but little room for extra inventory. If you have a stock room in which to keep back-up inventory, then this case will be great for displaying key items. Otherwise, try a half-vision case that allows some space for inventory. Half of it is glass and the other half enclosed with drawers and/or shelves. An all-glass case provides five inches more of visual space, and is great for displaying more valuable items.

Once you’ve decided on the style of case that’s right for your floor, you can choose your color. Showcases are available in black, cherry, maple and white. If you’ll be displaying electronics or any kind of contemporary product, the black case provides that sleek, high-tech look that’s appealing to your target consumer. Historic, traditional or masculine products often show well in a cherry wood case. Think neck ties, leather goods, and jewelry. Summertime or beach-oriented products often thrive by being displayed in a case that is equally light and airy – maple foots the bill. For the price-conscious, white is a good alternative. Not only does white present clean lines and a bright atmosphere, but white showcases are priced more economically than other colors. All display showcases should have adjustable shelving, with glass shelves being the preferred material.

New showcases are often extremely pricey, so always ask about gently used units. It may help you to upgrade to a more sophisticated and refined unit for a fraction of the cost.