You can increase sales, and in turn, your profits, by simply modifying your retail store fixtures. The possibilities are endless and the ideas are fresh. We took a look at a few of the top merchandising strategies recommended by brand sales experts and thought about the specific fixtures that can help you achieve that strategy with minimal cost and effort.

  1. Display new products near the store entrance. Depending on your industry, these could be items of any size, shape or color. The objective is to have shoppers see what’s new first, but you don’t want the display to be messy or complicated, or for that matter, tempting to pocket without paying. Use slat wall with different accessories to keep the products neat and organized. Adding a waterfall hook to the slat wall gives it some interest, yet keeps it secure against the wind coming in the entrance. Or, consider a shelving unit with a number of cubbies so that products are in their own “shell.”
  2. Level the products in the store. Basic shelving units can do the job, but you can add interest with tabletop displays, mannequins and even slat wall or grid wall fixtures. The purpose is to provide variety and suggestions with the product placement. Products at eye-level would be the best sellers.
  3. Feature key products by being sure they are properly lit. Lighted display cases are ideal for product you want to spotlight.
  4. Create experience displays – Add a mannequin or two to a display of product to show how the product fits into the consumer’s lifestyle. If there’s no space for a full-sized mannequin display, use half-mannequins or just hand or foot mannequins.
  5. Cross-merchandise – This is where shelving comes in handy for tabletops. For example, take the extra step to put scarves, hats and gloves together with fuzzy socks, blankets and fur-lined boots in the same wintry display, along with colorful mugs and hot chocolate. You’ve now brought three or four departments together in one display.