Discouraging as it may be, shoplifters are inevitable in retail stores.  In fact, the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention says that over $35 million-worth of goods are stolen from retailers every day.   One in 11 people shoplift, but there is no specific profile for the average shoplifter.  They are both male and female, young and old.  As a small retailer, you can’t afford to contribute to the shoplifting statistics, but you need a few ways to target the culprits.  Here are a few tips for deterring shoplifters on your retail floor:

  • At the very least, invest in mirrors that are strategically positioned around your store floor so that there is no nook or cranny that’s invisible.
  • Be conscious of your displays – they should be no higher than shoulder-height.  If you can’t see over them, you won’t be able to spot trouble.
  • Keep dressing rooms locked until requested by a customer.  Make sure everything that goes into a dressing room comes back out.
  • Locate the check-out lines at the front of the store.  This will give customers less opportunity to pocket something on the way out of the store and will give you and/or your employees a clear view of the door and the clients coming and going.
  • Use security tags or alarms on high-end merchandise.
  • Provide carts with open sides and clear bags for toting around intended purchases.  This will prevent any hiding of merchandise in dark bags or in carts.
  • Have a bag check at the dressing room, along with a clear policy listing how shoplifters will be prosecuted.  Just displaying the consequences can sometimes deter a would-be shoplifter.
  • Use smart floor plan fixtures that allow you to see the merchandise as well as the customers.