If the words, “used” or “second-hand” or “hand-me-down” create a stigma in your mind, adjust your thinking and see how much you can save. Consider those already-broken-in items “pre-owned,” or “owner-ready.” This goes for clothing, furniture, cars and store fixtures.

You may be opening a swanky new boutique or changing your floor plan for fall and have grand ideas for fixtures. Take a look at the prices for new gondola shelving or sparkling new display cases. It’s likely your entire marketing budget will be consumed with the purchase of one wooden case.

Considering gently used store fixtures should always be an option. Talk to the experts in retail merchandising. They’ll tell you that you can get more bang for your buck by carefully selecting pre-owned fixtures. Here’s what to look for in a gently used piece:

  • Inspect the inventory before you buy, if possible.
  • Don’t accept shelving with noticeable “dings” or dents.
  • Select mannequins that are in good condition and visualize what you’ll be able to cover with your displays.
  • Make sure glass cases close and lock properly and there are no scratches on the glass or the wood or chrome finish.

You can also ask where the fixtures were before they arrived at the warehouse. They may have come from a retailer changing a store footprint or from a liquidation. Sometimes, there’s an overstock situation that companies like MASF can use to their advantage. We are constantly searching for these so you don’t have to, and we require them to be in top-notch condition.

Pre-owned fixtures can make all the difference for your budget. Attractive fixtures can make all the difference for your merchandising. With careful selection, you can have both.