As a customer, you are aware of retailers positioning items close to the cash register so that people will pick them up and purchase them “on impulse” as they are standing in line.  It’s a purchase they didn’t plan to make on their visit to your store, and they haven’t really thought about the buying process.  As a store manager or retail floor plan designer, you are aware of the strategies taken by many retailers to get people to buy on impulse.  If you want to increase your impulse buying, try these tips:

  • Make room on the counter for a product display.  They should be easy to pick up and examine and easy to put back in their place.  Customers who don’t want them will want to put it back looking as good as new. 
  • Try a table top display that allows people to interact with the product.  Expect that such a display will require some vigilance in terms of upkeep and product security, but it will serve you well in bottom-line sales.
  • Use a glass display case to showcase your higher end items.  These can be helpful in two ways.  One, of course, is that you can keep a watchful eye on the more expensive items because they are right next to the cashier.  Two, on the other hand, is the aesthetics of your merchandising design.  Glass cases make merchandise look classy and appealing, and give them an air of distinction.
  • Use pegboard for neat, organized hanging of impulse items that come packaged.  Display one or more pieces outside of the package for customer interaction.