As Baltimore retailers recover from last month’s violent events in the city and get back to doing business, we want them to know they have the support of the team at MidAtlantic Store Fixtures.  Our experienced floor designers and retail professionals are available to help get retailers back on their feet.  Here are a few ideas for redesigning your store floor to create a whole new, inviting environment for customers.

  • Color – Go for a complete color redesign.  While all-white fixtures are less expensive, they are also run-of-the-mill and show dirt and grime a lot quicker than other colors.  If you’re wed to a lighter color, try light gray, which won’t show the dirt as quickly.  Darker colors also upgrade your look to a more upscale floor.
  • Slat wall – You can change both the aesthetics and the capacity of your displays by modifying your slat wall.  Simply add metal inserts to the slat wall for a whole different look.  The metal updates it to a contemporary design, and the inserts increase the amount of merchandise you can show and store. 
  • Lighting – Take this opportunity to go for lighting in your displays.  It will brighten up the store and highlight your key merchandise.
  • Premium fixtures – This is a good time to step up to premium fixtures for your retail floor.   You want to reopen with a whole new look that will make the shopping experience more special for your customers.  Don’t discount premium fixtures because you think they are out of your price range.  Often, gently used fixtures are available for a fraction of the cost, and they turn out to be even more cost-effective than buying new economy fixtures.  Explore all-glass or wood cases and colorful shelving that will “wake up” your store floor.