If you’re a retailer who sells a variety of products in all shapes and sizes to a mixed audience of consumers and the trade, you’ve got your work cut out for you. The best example of this type of store is a beauty supply store.

Most spaces that sell to both consumers and trade are long and narrow, and it’s a challenge to fit everything in a display. Retailers usually want an upscale look at a downscaled price, and they are trying to find the fine balance between being upscale and being cost-effective. If you want a high-end look for a reasonable budget, we recommend simple materials and use of every-day items as part of your design. For example, glass vases can become displays for make-up brushes. Glass bowls can hold hair accessories.

If you’re using traditional fixtures, try adding tiered shelving against a slatwall. This will allow you to display numerous items at one time in an organized fashion. If it seems difficult to organize all of your products, you’re not alone. Hair items are extremely challenging due to the variety and lengths and the desire to display all of them. Hair extensions are probably among the most difficult things to merchandise in a beauty supply environment. One way to make them look organized is to hang them on slat wall in straight lines, according to color. This solution allows you to showcase the different lengths, colors and textures without having to worry about them getting tangled or thrown about by the customer.

The secret to organizing your chaos is to be creative with traditional fixtures and cost-effective additional items.