If you’re looking for ways to organize this spring, slat wall may be your answer. You don’t have to be a retailer to use slat wall. In fact, slat wall may be a timely discovery for organization mavens and office neatniks. Slat wall works in the office, at home, in closets, at trade shows, in hotels, salons and grocery stores. Every place you go, you could find a place for slat wall if you use your imagination. Here are some creative ways to use it:
Closet organization – Install slat wall in a lighter color to open up the space. Then use a variety of hooks for storing belts, scarves, neck ties or purses. Add a straight rod or a waterfall rod to give you extra space for hanging short clothing items. Look for accessories like bins that clip on to the slat wall in which you can store light-weight items.

Office organization – Make one wall in your office slat wall. You can choose from a variety of colors. Once that wall is there, adding slat wall accessories like bins or baskets can keep your papers organized and your desk clear. You can also string lighting on the slat wall to enhance the ambiance of the office.

Craft room organization – It simply makes sense to use slat wall in a craft room. The frustration of neatly storing ribbon rolls, bins of silk flowers or scraps of fabric is easily overcome with a slat wall dedicated to putting everything in its place.

Garage organization – Slat wall is also strong. Hanging shovels, rakes, brooms ropes and hoses can all be done by choosing the right slat wall material and hook strength.

Portable use Slat wall also can be portable. Taking a display to a trade show or craft show is made easy with a vertical slat wall column. Add your signage and products on the various hooks available, and you’ve got a portable retail shop.

Slat Walls