Showcases are the rage this spring – quarter vision, half vision and full vision. Of course, everyone wants 20/20 vision and the clearest view they can get of the displayed merchandise. This goes for both retailers and customers. Retailers want to display as much as possible, and consumers want to know all of their options before they purchase. Yes, seeing is believing. But consider this: full vision showcases – those that are clear from top to bottom – leave a lot to be desired. They are great for items that are not hot sellers or for more of a variety of items in a showcase. But the advantages of half-vision cases are considerable:

Built-in storage – half-vision showcases provide storage capability. You can keep a few pieces of inventory for each product in the showcase, cutting down the time it takes to pick inventory for a customer. If you keep it replenished, you’ll feel confident selling what’s in the case, and you’ll have a good idea of your remaining inventory. The other advantage is that the customer can’t see what’s going on in that drawer or closet behind the case.

Display highlights – you can immediately target your customer with your selected merchandise because there are fewer items to look at and fewer distractions in the half-vision showcase.

Cleaner – There will be fewer nose prints from customers looking closely at an item through a long pane of glass. You won’t have to spritz glass cleaner so often.

Easier showmanship – Because there are fewer items in the display case, it is easier for customers to see and to point out merchandise that interests them.

Creative license – Half-vision showcases still allow room for creativity in displays and also keep displays closer to eye level – the sweet spot for retail sales.

Half Vision Showcases
Half-vision showcases are ideal for phones, jewelry and expensive merchandise that is selling quickly. You forfeit the storage and convenience when you select a full-vision showcase. Quarter vision showcases have even more storage space, but the display case is smaller and may not be ideal for your product line. Quarter-vision showcases are best used to highlight a single item or a family of products so the merchandise gets its own gig.