Gondola shelving is not only one of the best-selling retail fixtures in the industry, it is among the most flexible. You’ll see it in almost any convenience store, liquor store, department store or grocery store. It comes in all sizes. It’s sturdy. It’s organized. It’s cost effective – if you choose carefully.

What makes a high-quality gondola shelving unit? Here are five things to recognize when checking gondola shelving packages:

  • Expandability – most gondola shelving is expandable, yet looks nice in any size. You begin with a starter unit, then add on to it down the aisle, depending on the length you need. You can also add endcaps to showcase some key merchandise.

  • Durability – It should stand up to normal wear and tear readily – the metal should be sturdy, and the edges finished to avoid injury to customers or catching objects on the side of it

  • Simplicity – Easy to put together, easy to expand and easy to display items

  • Practicality – The gondola shelving you choose should be an asset to your business. If you need neat, symmetrical displays, this is for you. If you want to be more creative, gondola shelving can still work, with the addition of accessories like flat backboards, hooks and hanging areas.

  • ProfitabilityLong-term, the gondola shelving you select should not break the bank. It should be profitable for you and fit your business goals.

Gondola Shevling
If you want to invest in an “evergreen” fixture, gondola shelving will be one that you can be sure will stay in style. As your business grows, you can add to the starter unit of your gondola. You can market your products by adding end cap units. The realm of accessories for gondolas can also add to your creativity – think pegboard for a backboard and to prevent slippage, hooks, baskets, and signage. Shelving alternatives can maximize storage and display space.

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has top-of-the-line quality gondola units at value prices, making gondola fixtures a cost-effective choice for your retail environment. MASF also has gently used gondolas or gondola parts. Call us today to see how we can help you.