Remember when you and your brothers and sisters used to go to the local department store with your mom and play hide ‘n’ seek among the clothing racks? The rounders usually were crammed full of clothes so that the hangers barely moved, and the bodies of the shirts, sweaters or pants created a fort-like barrier between you and the outside world. It also hid you from mom, who would realize all at once that it was suspiciously quiet around her! Then she would frantically look about the department and stand, hands on hips, counting to 10 until you revealed yourself by shaking the clothing rack ever so slightly. She certainly wasn’t playing hide ‘n’ seek, but you loved it, nonetheless.

Today’s clothes racks for retail stores aren’t as packed with merchandise, but they still give children ideas about playing games while mom shops. Today’s racks offer retailers lots of options for creative displays:

Tiered displays – double-rod racks at two separate levels allow for displays that demonstrate outfits together – pants or skirts on lower level, with coordinating tops on the upper rod.

Portable displays – racks on wheels are designed for portability. They go anywhere on the sales floor, and they are great for use in sidewalk displays or sale areas. Folding racks are even more efficient, because they can travel to trade shows or sale tents and be set up in no time.

S-shaped/spiral racks – made for longer coats and dresses, s-shaped racks keep long items wrinkle-free and attractive to the buyer. The fewer items on the S-rack, the cleaner it looks. These can be positioned next to shelving units or countertops that continue the display theme. Ball racks have balls on the rack rods themselves to keep hangers from sliding off the rack.

Hat displays – What better to display hats than a hat rack? When mom was looking for you in the department store amongst the racks, did she ever ask you, “Why don’t you use your head for something else besides a hat rack?” If you didn’t have a good idea of what that hat rack looked like then, you do now. Hat racks are tiered and versatile for any and many kinds of hats – and their round “shelf” areas are not nearly as useful as your head.