Merchandising trends come and go – that’s why they’re called trends.  Brand name products are always on the cutting edge of displays and innovative in-store merchandising efforts.  You can invest in manufacturer’s point-of-purchase materials, displays and signage, but you’ll always need the basic fixtures for your general product lines and inventory.  Often, you can create a display that answers a trend just by having the right fixtures at the right time.  Incorporating traditional racks, display cases, mannequins and gridwall is part of the creative fun of merchandising! Here’s how they might fit in:

  • Signage – industry experts are predicting that retailers will be using more informational signage. In addition to the traditional sale signs, they will be showing consumers product benefits and how the product fits into consumer lifestyles.  This trend according to retail blogger Francesca Nicasio at “Retail Merchandising Trends in 2019“. That means getting your stanchions, frames and signage support fixtures ready.  It also may mean enlisting the help of graphic designers and signage vendors, so planning ahead is a good idea.
  • Experiences – The trends blog also notes that experiential displays will continue to be popular. Whether you are a small boutique or a major grocery store, displays that engage the customer will be successful sales tools.  Your traditional gondola shelving will be the inventory storage place, but the fancy tea party scene that is promoting products like tableware and linens will also need beautifully dressed mannequins, a display case and a display table.  The natural woodland area that creates the outdoor sporting goods environment probably requires gridwall and slatwall and the accessories that can make it a three-dimensional scene.
  • Another store – Many retailers are building a store within a store. It gives the customer a dual experience and establishes a new brand within the original retail store. We like this trend, because that’s double the fixtures!
  • Lighting – Other trend soothsayers note that lighting will prevail in retail displays. Lighting is already built in to many display cases and you it can be easily added to any case or corner piece with a simple LED light accessory.  Mirrored cases will reflect light, and brighten the overall effect.
  • Natural materials – More natural environments call for natural materials. They make the displays warmer and cozier, adding to the consumer experience. MidAtlantic Store Fixtures also offers several display pieces in solid wood, including nesting tables, jewelry cases and register stands.

We’re watching for industry trends, and we can show you how easy it is to join the movement and make a sound investment that is a tradition, rather than a trend.  Call our design consultants today.