February is the month of love…but hugs are not the trend this year, as social distancing steals yet another holiday from us. If you’re in a quandary about how to steal the hearts of customers this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas for store fixtures that can add some love to your displays.

  • Lighted display cases – these are ideal for jewelry, making it sparkle beyond the stars, but consider cases for other Valentine’s Day treats, like a box of rich, dark chocolates on a creamy ivory background, or a box of white truffles propped open on midnight blue velvet. Luxurious scarves, hats and gloves can also look soft and inviting under lights.
  • End cap gondolas – feature your Valentine’s merchandise in several end caps in a row, on the end of an aisle of gondola shelving – spaced strategically six feet apart, of course. It will be cost-effective and fit in your current floor plan. You can keep plenty of inventory of each item by using the depth of the shelves, yet still have room for some floor-standing kiosks.
  • Rotating, free-standing racks – give your cards and mini-books a special spot by placing a rotating rack stocked well on all sides. When placing the rack, leave with enough room around it for three customers to browse the merchandise at an acceptable social distance.
  • Display screens – use flat screen monitors with promotional videos to demonstrate any techno gadget gifts, or to show a Valentine’s fashion show. The screen can be mounted higher on the wall and tilted downward so that it’s easier for customers to view from various distances on the floor.
  • Tiered clothing racks – Choose a waterfall or horizontal rack to display sweaters on hangers in a tiered design. These make it easier to see the clothing from far away, then customers can decide whether or not to approach the inventory.
  • Electronic greetings – offer electronic gift cards or video messages that customers can send virtually when they can’t be together with loved ones.