Showcases are designed to display merchandise in a way that will draw customers to the product and highlight the product in such a way that it appeals to the customer.  They are high-end displays that undoubtedly put a dent in the fixtures budget.  Because they are an investment, you’ll want to use all of the resources a showcase provides.  Here are some basic and creative ways to get the most out of your showcases:

  • A Spritz a Day — Keep the glass clean and smudge-free – this will help make the merchandise sparkle more.  Stash a bottle of liquid glass cleaner in one of the cubbies on the back side of the showcase and wipe up smudges and fingerprints when there are no customers near the case. 
  • Royal Velvet — Change out the background fabric inside the showcase.  If you’ve been using black felt or black velvet, change it out to a lighter color for spring, such as ivory or white.  Or, if you feel the merchandise “pops” better on a darker background, add some color with a lush burgundy or forest green velvet.
  • Light Up the Night – If your showcase has lights, use them in both daylight and night time situations.  The lights will reflect off the clean glass (see above) and off of the sparkling jewelry, making everything look glamorous.
  • Shelved Ideas – Showcases with adjustable shelves are a great addition to any floor display.  The shelves allow you to create a more spacious area for inventory or display and you can make them as tall or as short as you need to.
  • Take Inventory – Utilize the display case space on the back side of your showcase.  You can keep inventory there, or you can use the opposite side storage for gift boxes, bags and accessories.

Whatever your showcase purpose, the built-in organizational features are bound to get you thinking – and help you plan ahead to showcase your next line of accessories.