Even though the official end of summer isn’t until late September, any time after Labor Day is fair game for the transition from the quieter, relaxed summertime to the chaos of the holiday season at retail.     While store floors were open and uncluttered over the past few months, they will become inundated with merchandise in just a few short weeks.  Our most emphatic recommendation for seasonal displays:  Gondola shelving.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Easy up, easy down – Gondola shelving consists of feet, shelves and backing.  It’s simple to assemble and even easier to take down when you’re finished.
  • Storable – Gondola shelving is one of the best fixtures for storing from season to season.  It can lay flat, so it can be pushed under a palette or leaned against a wall, taking up precious little space.
  • Holds more merchandise – You’ll be stocking up your store with plenty of inventory.  You’ll want to display as much of that inventory as possible, and gondola shelving allows for loads of goods.
  • Color choices – There are several different color choices for gondola shelving.  Especially suited to Halloween and Thanksgiving are our dark chocolate colored units.  These are previously used fixtures that are just right for displaying the bright orange, red and gold colors of autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  They also darken the environment as the seasons change from lighter, summertime colors to the richer, deeper hues of fall.  Ivory or off-white shelves work well to display Christmas reds and greens.
  • Durable – Gondola shelving is durable.  In fact, at Mid-Atlantic Store Fixtures, we have some of the finest previously used gondola shelving that we acquired from Target’s liquidation of its Canadian stores.  These units are cream-colored and clean and promise to go quickly to the wise seasonal display designer.