Spring fashion is in full swing on runways, and window displays are freshening up with brighter hues. You don’t have to be a clothing retailer to celebrate spring’s fashion design on mannequins and dress forms. Take a cue from Seventh Avenue and add some fashion to your displays of electronics or linens or even home décor by incorporating “people” into the displays. Mannequins dressed in the latest spring colors and fashion trends will add a touch of reality and personality.

Mannequins are ideal for year-round use. With an initial investment of around $800 for the mannequin, you can build in flexibility with special paint, clothing changes and wigs. Mannequins are anatomically correct, reflecting gender and allowing for any type of dressing – from swimsuits for cruise season to sweaters for chilly spring evenings when using your newest portable electronic device. Creating a “scene” in which your product is used sends a lifestyle message to consumers and showcases your product as a part of everyday life. It suggests ways for consumers to use the product, and engages the customer more than a wall display or locked case.

The simple idea of lifestyle scenes can be accomplished with dress forms, which are bodies without heads or arms. Usually used by tailors for alterations, they can also be used for non-clothing retailers to give a sense of humanity to a display. The mannequin or form shouldn’t take over the scene, but it should reflect the sense that your product is people-friendly – not to mention fashionable.