Custom-designed cabinetry or shelving can bring your store to life. If you’re looking for an infusion of energy in your retail space or a display that reflects your own personality and style, consider custom displays. Before you say you can’t afford them, look at the options more closely. MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has a specialty design department right here in our offices. We asked these pros about the advantages of custom cabinetry:

  • Often when they hear “custom cabinetry” people imagine dark cherry wood or whitewashed wood and shiny granite countertops. This does scream “Expensive!” Your custom displays don’t have to be wood. In fact, custom displays come in all materials and finishes – that’s why they’re called “custom.” This is where you let your own personal style lead the way.
  • If you have an irregular-shaped space to fill, custom is the way to keep the store looking organized and clean. A made-for-the-space custom piece will eliminate any gaps between cabinetry and walls, or any dead space in the room. The displays will fit snugly in the nook or cut out in the room.
  • Custom shelving and counters are made to accommodate your products. If you sell items in a variety of sizes, you don’t need to move your inventory around to find the right shelving height. Custom shelving can provide varied heights and widths specifically for your needs.
  • Custom shelving is also designed to be safe. Because we know the purpose for all of the shelving prior to construction, we can make sure there are the appropriate supports, rounded corners and tip-proof features.
  • Longevity is a key benefit of custom displays. If you’re going to invest the money, you want something that will last. The design and materials should be timeless and classic, rather than overly trendy. You don’t want to be dated in three years. How long should the custom displays last? We say you should plan for at least five to seven years, with normal wear and tear.
  • Custom displays usually require less cleaning and maintenance because they are built to be sturdy and to deflect dust and dirt. Retailers usually maintain them better, as well, because they’ve invested in them.

Look beyond the surface of expense. Custom fixtures and customized display graphics speak volumes about the retailer. You can develop customer relationships as they associate a feeling of familiarity with your custom cabinetry and displays. Make an appointment for your free design consultation today!