Anticipate the longer days of springtime and the additional customers who will visit as they take advantage of more daylight hours.  Cast away the gray days of winter and bring the fresh, new springtime inside.  Make it feel like spring is in the air the moment someone walks in the door.

Try these longevity tips:

  • Replace heavy, dark shelving or showcases with lighter colors such as white or maple.  These will not only give the product and the show floor a less weighty look, they will give the room a lighter feeling and reflect light around it.
  • Use glass for dual purposes.   Glass vases, bowls, columns and jars in any size and shape can be great accents on their own.  They can also serve as display vessels for items like silk flowers, bright socks, colorful soaps.
  • Paint slat wall in spring colors.  White melamine slat wall can become a garden back drop in rich greens or floral pastels.  Softer colors make the walls look bigger and the product more inviting.
  • Add splashes of color throughout the store – bright pinks, blues and greens among neutral fixtures beckon customers for attention. 
  • Actually create imitation window panes featuring items behind them that announce the arrival of spring.  Give customers a “sneak peek” at what’s outside the window.
  • Unclutter aisles and shelves.  Not only does it help traffic flow, it also gives customers a more pleasant shopping experience.