Just when you’re kicking back to relax is also a good time for your retail floor to feel a little more relaxed. Giving your place a feeling of summertime is not only welcoming to guests, it’s less stressful for you. Here are 10 ways you can lighten up your retail shop using fixtures and displays.

  • Use glass display cases for summertime merchandise. They are more open and give a feeling of freedom.

Glass Display Cases

  • Use lighter colored and lighter weight fabrics in display cases and showcases. Try cottons and linens in various shades of blue and green for a tranquil feeling.
  • Incorporate half-mannequins with summer fashions or accessories. Display items like straw hats, gauzy scarves and seaside jewelry on mannequin heads and torsos.
  • Try putting impulse-buy items in fun, casual bins sporting summertime prints and colors. Add signage in bright hues and you’ve got a grab-‘n’-go showcase.
  • Keep aisles airy with rounders and open racks for hanging clothes. Allow some floor space for customers to move about freely.
  • Utilize end caps on gondola shelving for summertime products or special summer sale items. The items will get more attention on the end, and the space is more open than being on a gondola shelf.

Gondola Shelving

  • Add some grid wall to your displays to create an openness. The wire grids allow for hanging accessories, as well as that all-important “white space.”
  • Take advantage of the array of colors available in slat wall. Use lighter hues for summertime background displays, or darker colors to offset white merchandise.
  • Universal baskets make great display units for lightweight, travel-sized products. It will make it easy for both the customer to see and for your employees to keep neat and organized.
  • Don’t underestimate the uses of mirrors for summer and all seasons. The one thing you shouldn’t relax this summer is your retail security. Mirrors used for customers to see how merchandise fits can also be added security devices, as well as give the feeling of a bigger, longer space. Mirrors will reflect all of the other summertime additions in your store, and when you see the transformation, you can relax even more!