If you want to call attention to selected displays on your retail floor, one way to do it is by adding lighting. It can change the look and atmosphere of your store with just a simple flick of the switch.

Installation can be quick and painless due to the easy-to-use lighting kits available for commercial use.
Lighting kits come in various sizes – usually strips of four-, five- and six-foot lengths, with aluminum frames that can be installed on the rim of the showcase. Thread the wires through a plastic tube that will hold them in a neat bunch, and tuck the tube behind the showcase for a tidy display.

While LED lighting is quickly replacing fluorescent lights, both types are available in kits. LED lights are guaranteed for 50,000 hours of “on” time in stores. These kits also come with a “bare” end that is sans plug. Rather, the cord has bundled wires that allow the electrician to either add a standard electrical plug or plug the wires directly into wall panel that is part of an electronics system in the store. We always recommend working with an experienced, certified electrician when placing these wires. The flexibility allows you to link your in-store lighting strips to your other lighting and electrical needs and turn the system on and off at the touch of a single button.

If you want the most flexible and creative lighting option, an LED strip with double-sided tape on the back is the best bet. These strips can be cut into any length ranging from three inches to 16 feet. They give you the ability to customize your lighting by trimming sides and backs of shelving with lights, creating cubes of light, or providing top or bottom lighting for gondola shelving. They’re easy to use and they can accomplish a variety of looks. For ultimate customization, consult the specially trained lighting and fixture designers at MASF. They can visit your location and shed some light on how lighting can enhance your store.